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    Invest with ease, while having full control over your deposits and withdrawals.

    How does Peaks work?

    Peaks makes investing effortless. Our app lets you invest only in index funds. You decide which portfolio suits you and how much you would like to deposit. Additionally, you always have complete control, as you can change your investment settings whenever you want.

    Your investments in the Peaks app

    Deposit and withdraw money

    When you log in, you immediately see the total value of your investments and your profit (or loss). Tap the minus or plus button at the bottom left to withdraw or deposit money any time you want.

    Monitor your investments

    The graph in the app shows how your investments have developed since you started investing, over the past month, or over the past year.

    Check your return

    It also shows your return, both in real terms and as a percentage of your total investment.

    Invest any way you like

    If you're not interested in investing with your change, the Peaks app gives you the freedom to choose the investment method that works best for you.

    Invest monthly

    Invest monthly

    Deposit a fixed amount of up to €250 on the last working day of every month.

    Invest daily

    Invest daily

    Set a fixed amount of up to €10 a day to be deposited in lump sum at the end of each week.

    Invest manually

    Invest manually

    Deposit up to €10,000 per transaction manually via iDEAL, with no transaction fees.

    Invest your round-ups

    Invest your round-ups

    Invest easily with your digital change. With your permission, we automatically calculate your change from your bank transactions and deposit it into your investment account once a week.

    Invest your windfalls

    Invest your windfalls

    Have you earned some extra cash? Instead of spending it right away, invest it automatically in your future with Peaks (only available in the Netherlands).

    Your portfolio in the Peaks app

    Your chosen portfolio

    Here you can see the portfolio you've chosen and the level of risk associated with it.

    Check your portfolio

    Here you can see the current distribution and performance of the index funds in your portfolio.


    Restore balance to your portfolio's funds with the tap of a button.

    Your accounts in the Peaks app

    Multiple portfolios

    Spread your risk evenly by investing in multiple portfolios simultaneously. Peaks lets you invest in up to 5 accounts at a time, each with their own risk profile.

    Different investment goals

    With multiple Peaks accounts, you can work simultaneously towards achieving different investment goals.

    Peaks Children's Account

    With any Peaks package, you can open an investment account in your child's name in the Netherlands. It's the smart, easy way to set money aside for your child's future.

    Your voucher code in the Peaks app

    Your voucher code

    Invite your friends and give them the gift of free investment credit here.

    Share your code

    Share your code to invite your friends and family members to start investing with Peaks. Everyone who signs up with Peaks using your promotion code will receive €10 credit to start investing.

    How to redeem

    If you've received a voucher code, redeem it here. Your €10 investment credit will be added automatically to your Peaks account.

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    Investing always involves risks. Know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.

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