Share Peaks with your friends

Invite your friends to Peaks: send them a starting bonus of €10! As a thank you, they can share half of it with you. Your fifth friend gets €50 – yes, you can get half of that too.

How to invite your friends

Open the app

Swipe to 'Invite Friends' in the top navigation.

Share your code

Share your personal link with your friends.

€10 or €50 investment credit

If your friend signs up via your link, he/she will receive €10 credit from Peaks and the option to share €5 of it with you. So in that case, you both get €5. Your fifth friend who becomes a Peaks customer gets €50. If he/she decides to share that credit with you, you both get €25.

Terms and Conditions

Conditions for new customers

Have you been invited to Peaks by someone? Then these conditions apply to you:

Link or voucher code

Did you sign up through someone's link? Then you will receive the starting credit automatically. Did you only receive a voucher code? Then you must redeem your credit in the app within 48 hours.

Invest €20

You must deposit at least €20 into your Peaks account during the first eight weeks after opening your account.

12-month minimum

You must remain a Peaks customer for at least 12 months after receiving your free credit.

Please read the Terms and Conditions here.