Peaks Investment Account

No matter what you dream of in life, with the Peaks Investment Account, you can easily build wealth for the future. All by yourself.


For adventurers and cautious types

At Peaks, we've curated four portfolios for you, each with its own risk profile. Just choose the portfolio you're comfortable with and that suits your investment horizon.

If standard isn't for you

Do you care about investing in specific industries, such as Sustainable Energy or Innovative Healthcare? Or do you want some crypto in your portfolio? Then you can build your own portfolio from a selection of sustainable ETFs and crypto-ETPs.

Track your progress

See what returns you can expect with your deposit settings and portfolio. And what happens if you switch portfolios or change your investment approach. With this insight, you can decide whether you have the right approach for your future dream, all by yourself.

Access your money anytime

You can deposit or withdraw money at any time and without extra charge. So your money isn't locked up for a certain period of time. Nice and flexible.

Try Peaks for 30 days without Peaks fees

In what do I invest with Peaks?

At Peaks you only invest in sustainable investment funds. Specifically, we mean the 25% most sustainable companies in each sector. Attention is paid to how companies deal with people, the environment and how they are managed. Companies that disregard human rights, are involved in child labor or corruption, or cause serious damage to the environment and ecosystem are not included in the index funds.

Furthermore, at Peaks you do not invest in controversial industries such as the arms and defense industry, tobacco and alcohol production, nuclear power, gambling, pornography or GMOs. You can check which companies you invest in by reading the Key Investor Information documents. You can find these documents for each fund on this page.

Since we have selected the index funds at Peaks, you cannot choose which companies to invest in or not to invest in. We chose this approach to make investing as easy and accessible as possible for you. You can decide in which index fund you want to invest or don’t want to invest if you customise your own portfolio.

What happens to my money in case Peaks goes bankrupt?

Your invested money is not kept by Peaks, but by a foundation (Stichting Beheer Derdengelden Peaks). If something goes wrong at Peaks, you still have access to your money through this foundation and your money is not lost. In addition, the so-called Investor Compensation Act applies to the foundation. This law protects Peaks clients investments and reimburses up to €20,000 per person where justified

Do I need to pay taxes on my gains?

Investors are always required to declare their capital gains from ETFs in their annual income tax return. This applies even if the gains are below the tax-free threshold or if the withholding tax has already been deducted. 

This information does not constitute tax advice and cannot replace it.