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    Updated: return screen in the app

    16 October, 2023 - by Rosanne

    2 min

    If you've opened the Peaks app in recent days to see how your investments are doing, you may have noticed: we've changed the screen showing your returns. In this article we explain what's different and why we changed it.

    What you saw so far

    The left screen below probably looks familiar to you: this is what you always saw when you viewed your investment account in the app. Below your account balance was your return, shown as an amount in euros and a percentage. You could see how high your annualised return per year from the moment you started with Peaks.

    What you see now

    1. Total return (new)

    If you now open the Peaks app, you will not only see your annualised return per year. Your total return from the moment you started with Peaks is also visible. This is calculated based on weight of your deposits since you started investing with Peaks.

    2. Total annualised return (existing)

    Your annualised return was already shown in the app. This is your total return translated into a yearly basis. It shows the average annualised return you have made since you started Peaks.

    3. Year to date return (new)

    Below we show what your return is, calculated from January 1st this year to now. This gives you more insight into the current performance of your investments.

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    Why we refreshed the return screen

    As you can see, you can approach investment returns in different ways. In the past, we only showed the annualised return, but this only gives a limited picture of your returns. That's why we have now added two extra numbers to your screen: the total return since start on your average investment and the return since the beginning of this year. We hope this will give you a better picture of your investment's performance.

    Do you want to know more about the method we use to calculate returns? Check out this article for an in-depth explanation and some examples. 

    Investing always involves risks. Know that you could lose (a part of) your invested money.


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