The founders of Peaks

Rutger, Tom & Sijbrand

What’s important for us

The foundations of Peaks

Investment license
Peaks is an investment company founded in 2016 by Tom Arends, Rutger Beens and Sijbrand Tieleman. It is licensed and supervised by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). Together we ensure transparency and the protection of our (potential) customers. We only use your data for purposes you have agreed to - for example in the app or on the website. Furthermore, your money is not managed by Peaks, but through Stichting Derdengelden Peaks, a foundation that ensures you can always access your money - even if something happens to the company. 
Invest your spare change
Peaks has its roots in the Old Dutch ‘piekenpijp’ - an old-fashioned coin tube for spare change which made saving money easy. Slowly but surely the tube would fill up with more money, ready to be raided for a rainy day or a nice treat. As with the original coin tube, Peaks makes it easy to set aside your spare change. By transferring it directly from your bank account to an investment account - where it can build up interest - it’s made even easier and more worthwhile. Like a coin tube 2.0.
Every cent counts
Here at Peaks we are convinced that wealth can start with just one cent. As the saying goes: “a penny saved is a penny earned”. That’s why we want to make saving those pennies (or cents) as easy as possible. With a little interest they might even grow into a fortune.