Make your spare change grow!

Set money aside easily thanks to Peaks and take ownership of your financial future.

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Anyone can invest with Peaks!

  • Start from €1

    No need to be rich to get started! Only invest the money you can spare.

  • No prior knowledge needed

    Our app is user-friendly and highly intuitive, even for finance newbies. 😉

  • You always have access to your money

    You can withdraw your money and stop investing anytime.

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Invest your spare change

Round-up your purchases to the next euro and automatically invest the difference.
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Why investing?

Going on an epic trip around the world, becoming a house owner or reaching financial freedom: we all have financial dreams and goals. Investing can help you achieve them. With Peaks, it’s easy to build up a nest egg for your future, with chances of good returns. The longer you invest, the more your money will work for you, thanks to the magic of compound-interests!

Investing is an activity made for the long run. With regular and consistent contributions, even from as little as €1 a day, you can work your way towards more financial freedom. Here are the four portfolios we have put together for you with care - all with their own expected risk and return.

One-time deposit

Monthly deposit

Choose your portfolio

For a period of years

 * The results displayed are meant to give you an idea of what you could achieve with the portfolios, in various scenarios. These are not guarantees but expectations. The calculations are based on the expected return and risk of the portfolios over the long term. The actual result will therefore differ from the results you see.

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How much does Peaks cost?

If you start investing with Peaks, the first three months are free 🎉! After that, you will pay a small amount every month, depending on the value of your investments.


per month

This amount is always the same no matter how much you invest.



Per year

The average value of your investments per year (you pay this in instalments - a little each month).

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Spread your risk

Spread your risk

With Peaks, you invest in six Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) composed with hundreds of shares and bonds. This allows you to spread your risk and opportunities across different sectors and countries all over the world.

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Why choose Peaks?

  • Socially Responsible Investing

    With Peaks you invest in socially responsible index funds. You won’t invest your money in certain sectors, such as the tobacco industry.

  • 5 minute onboarding

    Creating a Peaks account on the app is quick and easy. In no time, you will be able to start building up a nest egg for your future!

  • Your money is safe

    Your investments are not held by Peaks, but by the Peaks Fund Management Foundation (Stichting Beheer Derdengelden Peaks). This means that your money will always be yours. No matter what happens to Peaks.

Invest on your own terms with Peaks

Invest on your own terms with Peaks

Peaks is a simple way of investing: you decide which investment and portfolio fit your personal situation.


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