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Everyone has financial ambitions. You, too.

Even if you've never really thought about it. Because many things you want in life simply cost money.

Peaks helps you to realise your financial ambitions. With the Peaks app you can invest independently, sustainably and easily for later, in a way that suits you.

Calculate your possible returns

Investing is never free. We try to keep your costs as low and manageable as possible. Our cost calculator shows you exactly how much your costs will be for your situation if you invest with the Start package.

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For a period of

20 years

Choose your portfolioinfo

The results shown are intended to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the portfolios in different scenarios. These are not guarantees, but forecasts. The calculations are based on the costs of the Start package and the expected returns and risks of the portfolios in the long term. Your actual return will differ from those shown. Depending on the portfolio you choose, your level of risk varies. Remember that investing is risky and you may lose (part of) your investment.

It's that easy to build wealth with Peaks

At Peaks you invest in globally diversified portfolios of sustainable index funds. These are baskets with thousands of stocks and bonds with which you can invest well spread at low costs. In this way, you achieve a higher return in the long term than if you actively invest, and you run less risk. This way you build up more capital and you fully benefit from the return-on-return effect.

Index investingSustainable investing

Why Peaks is so easy

The research was done for you

Do you want to invest, but do you find it complicated? You don't need any investment knowledge at Peaks: choose one of the four standard portfolios and you can get started. All four portfolios are well diversified, sustainable and curated by experts. You invest in index funds of renowned asset managers such as BlackRock, UBS and DWS. Do you prefer to choose your index funds yourself? This can also be done very easily in the app.

The Peaks portfoliosCustomise your own portfolio

You automatically build wealth

Investing for later works best when you invest regularly. At Peaks we make it easy for you because you can deposit money automatically. You decide how much to invest and how often: monthly, weekly or even your daily round-ups. This saves you time and builds wealth without you noticing. Would you like to adjust your deposits? You can do that anytime.

Read more about your deposit options

For every ambition one account

Maybe you want to go on a world trip in three years and retire peacefully in thirty years. No problem, with Peaks you can easily invest for different ambitions at the same time. You will receive three accounts as standard and, in addition to a 'regular' investment account, you can open an Interest Account and our Dutch users can also open a Child Account and Pension Account (with a tax benefit).

You can check your forecast at any time

Wondering what your portfolio and deposit options might achieve once you turn 50, 60 or 70? In the forecast tool you can look ahead and see your potential if you choose a different portfolio or invest different amounts. 

Three promises to you


Investing at Peaks is very easy and you can start with any amount: there is no minimum deposit and no maximum amount either. Perfect for beginners, but also for experienced investors who want to increase their wealth.


You decide how much risk you take, how much you want to invest and how often. With Peaks you don't pay any transaction costs and you can adjust your settings at any time. This way you stay in control of your money.


Peaks is licensed by De Nederlandsche Bank and the AFM. We handle your data with care and store your money in a foundation that is separate from our organisation. That way, your money stays yours, no matter what happens to Peaks.

Here's how you start

1. Open your first account

Download the app and open your first Peaks account within 5 minutes.

2. Choose your deposit and portfolio yourself

Choose how much you want to invest daily, weekly or monthly. Choose a portfolio that suits you: one of the four well-diversified, sustainable Peaks portfolios or create your own ETF portfolio.

3. Start investing

Did you make your first deposit? Then you can see the current value of your investments at any time. You can adjust your settings at any time for free and never pay transaction costs.

Try Peaks for 30 days without paying Peaks costs